• Our last Annual General Meeting was held from in the beginning of October 2008. The location was the Biker B&B Sormitzblick in former East-Germany.

  • BEF-Nijmegen celebrated their 1st LÖSTRŘM! in France from the 6th of October till the 9th of October 2005. (2000-2005) during their 5th Annual Meeting.

  • BEF went SUB-ZERO 2004 Final Edition!
    28th of February 2004!
    We, the guys of BEF-Nijmegen, have always said that we like to innovate! After three times SUB-ZERO we faced a dilemma; continue with lots of the same over and over again or take risks and choose for a new challenge. Last option is to be considered as most "BEF-like". 

    We found a new location for our 2005 winterrally. Same standard, but with a new name;
    BEF goes KOMO!
    We changed it back to Sub-Zero! (2008 and 2009)

  •  Supporter 101 has joined. Welcome Frank!
  • Supporter 100 - Welcome Nyo!
  • Because of the so-called 'Euro-effect' we -BEF Nijmegen- are forced to take financial measures! We did this in our own way;

    The supporters contribution is reduced from € 1,50 to € 1,49! 

    We hope you will excuse us for doing this.

  • As from the 12th of June 2001 we are an official "MAG-supporting club". Even better, we are the second "MAG-Club of Honour". 

    All members of BEF Nijmegen are also individual MAG-member and can therefore call their club MAG-Club of Honour.

  • When founding "BEF Nijmegen" our goal was to be and to stay  the smallest MCC in the Netherlands. Because of the enormous interest of 'someone' this almost didn't work out. Therefore we decided to STOP taking up new members for an undefined period of time. 

    Hopefully you will understand that we had to take this precaution to remain the "Smallest Bikersclub in the Netherlands".

    You can still become a donator (DoNut) of BEF Nijmegen...

    Read the article that was published in Februari 2001 in the MAG-A-ZINE.
    (WARNING!: In English, but translated by Google Translate)